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Kids will always be kids and all kids love to scribble on walls at some point in their lives. Of course these are not exactly the most awe-inspiring pieces of artworks parents would appreciate but hey, the kids are just simply expressing their creativity and imagination! So as adults, it is our responsibility to give them the freedom of letting their creativity run wild using Chalkboard Paint.

The Candy Chalkboard Paint is a special paint that can turn essentially any surface instantly into a chalkboard. The Candy Chalkboard Paint is fast drying, low gloss, durable, washable, and scrubbable ! It makes a great gift for children, where it allows them to express their creativity on the walls without the need to worry about long-term damage since it can easily be wiped off. Parents can help their children with learning shapes, colors, math and reading skills by writing on the chalkboard. Thus, it is a great idea for a child’s bedroom wall to be painted with Chalkboard Paint. You can convert any kind of object from metal, plastic, wood, glass, paperboard, table tops and hardboard into a chalkboard with just using this paint.

So, if you are looking for a gift idea for a child, or a way to improve your home, try making a chalkboard out of an ordinary surface using the Chalkboard Paint. It will add fun and convenience to whatever you use it for!


Application Guide

Prepare your surface (surface must be smooth) for chalkboard paint as you would any other surface for painting. Make sure the area is dirt and oil free as well as free from any holes. If the wall has texture to it, you will want to sand it (#302 sandpaper) down for best results.

Apply the Candy Chalkboard Paint in area temperature should be above 15°C, below 42°C, and humidity below 85%.

An airless sprayer also works well for large surface. Sprayer should be set up for the thickest paint setting or paint may also be thinned with no more than 10% water.

Mark Off Area : Always use painter’s tape to cover moldings or trim in any area you want to paint with Candy Chalkboard Paint. If you are only painting one part of a wall, for example just making a small chalkboard rectangle on a kitchen wall for notes or a calendar, then use tape to mark the area you want to paint.

• Be sure to thoroughly shake/stir until the paint is completely mixed.
• We recommend painting a small space at a time (1m x 1m).
• Apply a liberal amount of paint with the roller (DO NOT OVERWORK).

• When the paint is dry to the touch, approximately 2 hours under 25°C ~ 30°C), you may apply the next coat.
• Continue applying coats until the entire contents of the container are applied to the recommended area of overage.
• After your last coat, allow paint to cure for 24 hours before using chalk on the surface.
The surface can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth after the surface has cured for 1 week.

Just apply the same care as you would with latex paint if repaint of the chalkboard surface is needed.

Not every chalk is the same. Use soft, dustless chalks. Do not use those with wax or oil as the color may stain on the paint.
We recommend to use lighter color chalk when possible. Deep color chalks contain high amounts of pigments & wax and will leave streaks or shadows when erased, especially on light color chalkboard colors. All our colors are designed to work best with white chalk.



Q: How to apply Chalkboard Paint?
A: You can apply Chalkboard Paint using a brush or a roller. For best results, we recommend using a mohair roller. Apply Chalkboard Paint over a primed or previously coated surface.

Q: What surface can I apply Chalkboard Paint onto?
A: Chalkboard Paint is suitable for use on plaster, wallboards, wood, metal, plastic and concrete.

Q: Can I apply on glass or tiles ?
A: Please primer the glass or tiles before apply Candy Chalkboard Paint.
It there is Candy Paint local partner in your city, they can give you a Candy Chalkboard Paint that is able to paint directly on glass / tiles.


Q : Are there different colors?
A : Candy Chalkboard Paint standard color is Black and Dark Green
It can also have custom color based on NCS color code.

Q : Are there different sizes ?
A : Candy Chalkboard Paint is available in 1 sqm, 2 sqm, 3sqm, and 12 sqm kits.
We supply custom size for projects, please consult your local Candy Paint Asia partners in your country or

Q: How should I clean my Chalkboard surface?
A: Use only microfiber cloth to clean your surface. Do NOT use standard blackboard dusters as it create a lot of stain.


• No VOC
• No Odour


• In case of contact with skin, rinse skin with warm soapy water.
• In case of contact with eyes, thoroughly rinse with clean water and seek medical advice.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Ensure room is adequately ventilated during application and drying.
• For detailed safety information, email to request our MSDS.





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