• WHITEBOARD CLEANSER – Contains orange extracted bio-based cleaning agents. Removes ghosting, stubborn marks, shadowing, grease, and dirt from whiteboard /dry-erase surfaces. Perfect for school and office use. Non-flammable (does not contain alcohol), Anti-static Suitable for use on whiteboards and interactive whiteboards Regular care, maintenance and cleaning of your whiteboard will extend its life. HOW TO USE Shake before you spray and erase with Dry Erase Surface microfiber cloth or Dry Erase Surface whiteboard eraser for best result. IMPORTANT NOTE Do NOT spray on wounded skin and keep away from children PERIOD OF PRESERVATION  It can be preserved for three years. This product has been formulated in partnership with EPA Design for the Environment Formulator Initiative Certified AP non-toxic cleaner conforms to ASTM D4263 For latest update and work reference please like our facebook page at www.facebook.com/candypaintasia
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