Think Creative, Think Beyond

If you stop → Thinking, you stop creating history and become history. 

Creativity is a muscle that can be exercised and improved upon.  Candy Creative Paint let you think beyond the boundry.  Think outside the box, don’t limited by the size of a whiteboard.   Like many of our clients, FedEx Hong Kong, Volvo Singapore, University of Malaysia, Bosch …….create a full wall for unlimited ideas, innovate strategies, and brilliant thoughts …….

This paint will turn your child into the next Picasso!

What a child does during his formative years says a lot about what he’ll become in the future. This is why it is important that we support their talents, hobbies, and dreams while they are young. Psychologists say that majority of people reach the peak of their curiosity during their childhood years. When curiosity is present, creativity usually follows. 


Our Products

Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint

Choose from Matte Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint for projection use (1st in the market in 2016) or Glossy Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint.   It is water based, formaldehyde-free.  Fully cure in 3 days. 

Colourful Chalkboard Paint

The Candy Chalkboard Paint is fast drying, low gloss, durable, washable, and scrubbable !   Choose from thousand colours, you name it, we have it. 

Magnetic Paint

Tired of using pins and drilling holes ?  Try the highest quality white grey colour Candy Magnetic Paint.   

Use in Kindergarten, Child Care Centre, School Display Boards, Office Brain Storming Wall, ……

Glow in the Dark

A good Glow in the Dark Paint can help you enjoy your community’s festival.   It can even let you give an object an exotic look.  You can express your artistic thoughts by using the best Candy glow in the dark paint for indoor and outdoor use.  Apply to any substrate like fabric, metal, glass, tiles, and plastic.

Florescent Paint & Gold Paint

Available in 9 brighter than normal colours which ‘glow’vividly under ultraviolet lights,  Candy Florescent Paints can create a wide range of exciting effects.   They can be used to create special effects using ultraviolet black light or combined with Candy Glow in the Dark powder to make the colors more vibrant. We use high quality, water-base, vinyl acrylic binder with zero VoC.  

Our Clients