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Customer Relationship/Loyalty

Customer focus is demonstrated by responsive, dependable, empathetic advocacy of customer’s needs, goals, and objectives thereby creating positive word of mouth advertising about Millennium.

Sound and Timely Decision Making

Good decision-making requires good decision analysis. It requires identification of options, clarity of judgment, completeness, thoroughness, decisiveness, and effective implementation. In short, it means getting it correct.


Having vision is possessing a keen sense of what to do to maximize the potential of the company. It’s demonstrated by proactive, forward thinking and planning that anticipates and delivers performance beyond the company’s and customer’s current needs.

Continuous, Measurable, Improvement

Always look for a better way of doing things. Seek new, innovative opportunities to excel, overcome adversity, and provide alternative, constructive views. Continually improve processes and systems to improve productivity.

Our Products

Whiteboard Paint

Whiteboard Paint is 100% water based, formaldehyde-free, and does not produce any harmful gas during or after painting.

Chalkboard Paint

The Candy Chalkboard Paint is fast drying, low gloss, durable, washable, and scrubbable!

Magnetic Paint

Magnetic Paint also act as primer base coat that allows you to create a surface that attracts magnets almost anywhere.

Glow in the dark

The Glow in the Dark Paint is a Water based paint, it is applicable to fabric, metal, glass, tiles, and plastic.

Florescent Paint

Florescent Paint is not only glow brightly under UV, but also perform like any other neon paint in daylight due to the strong pigmentation.

Our Clients